These look seriously hot!“THE ALL BLACK 125 SKATE YOU HAVE BEEN…

These look seriously hot!
“THE ALL BLACK 125 SKATE YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!The V. collection rewrites the rules of inline skating with forward-thinking design that’s rooted in Powerslide best skate technologies.The new shell with flex cuts around the ankle area in combination with the new MYFIT RECALL liner with memory foam provides superior comfort and maximum support. The V. skates come with the most advanced fast lacing system in the market with a new crank wheel, get you skates on and off faster than ever, straight in straight out. The high quality unbreakable steel cables hug your foot for a precise fit, loosening and tightening with the spin of the disc. The TRINITY frame mounting with three fixation points provides a better power transfer and makes the skate even more stable and lower to the ground to reach new levels of performance. Coupled with the new PS Infinity 125mm wheels and powered by Wicked ABEC 9 bearings. HABS break included in the box. The black 125mm triskate you have been waiting for.An iconic skate evolved for today’s urban skater, the PS V. skates now stand at the forefront of futuristic sports fashion. When are you getting yours?”

Photo: Powerslide.